Welcome to First Step Child Care Center

We know that there are many options available to you for your child’s care and education. We invite you to take a close look at our programs and services so you may see what makes First Step Child Care Center different from your other options.

Our director, Laura Foster, is a highly skilled veteran educator and administrator. Having earned both a BA
and MA in education, Ms. Foster then gathered extensive experience in the classroom and has served as a highly regarded administrator in a large public school system. Her success led her to create her own early childhood program, based on effective practices she has researched, applied, and observed. The result is First Step Child Care Center.

Our program, based on findings from early childhood research, is not a place where children are simply “housed” for the day. Our teachers are carefully screened, trained and monitored to ensure that the programs we have designed are implemented daily. Our teacher training is on-going and extensive.

Our program involves development of the whole child, through carefully designed experiences that tap into the child’s natural curiosity and developmental readiness. Our children “do” their learning, rather that “receive” their learning. Children love to get involved and make things work. These hands-on experiences help your child to build a base of knowledge as well as self-confidence. Even more important to your child, they are FUN!

The most tailored, researched program ever designed would be a complete failure if the children were not happy. We at First Step Child Care Center know that every child’s emotional well being is of paramount importance. Our warm, loving staff will nurture, support, and keep your child safe.

Welcome again to First Step Child Care Center. We encourage you to take a closer look. Feel free to ask questions or even spend time with us. We know you will be pleased with what you see.